Thursday, 18 September 2008

Puteh oh Puteh

02.09.08 - that's the first day Puteh stepped her foot in our house.  Its now just over two weeks since, and we are loving every minute of it.

The family has never been so attached to a pet (ok, with the exception of my late Puteh - my 1st guard cat).  Every morning & afternoon (around 6 am and before sungkai @ berbuka puasain the afternoon), I will let Puteh out of her cage to stretch her limbs and do her business, whilst I will clean her cage and refresh her litter box, food, water and bed.  GemboKids would normally tag along and they love to cuddle Puteh.

Why a cage?  Well, to us Puteh is probably just about 6 weeks old and may not be able to fend off any stray cats that may come around at night.  Further, she is yet to understand the danger of cars backing out from the garage (how the late Puteh met its fate).

Anyway, for the 1st week Musang (the late Puteh companion) felt threaten with this new company, but after a week they both got along well.  Musang no longer hissed or growl whenever Puteh get close to her. 

In fact, just over a week here, I took Puteh to the front yard bringing along a cangkul (like a small shovel), to plant my palm trees.  In only a few minutes Musang came looking for Puteh, meowing loudly and finally settled when she saw Puteh was with me.  It brought tears to my eyes that Musang finally accepted Puteh, and that they enjoyed each others company.  I can sense then when my original Puteh passed on that Musang felt lonely.  Lonely no more, eh Musang.

Anyway, enjoy the pics below taken by Mrs G.

Pinky nose Puteh

Puteh in her bed

This is her cage . . . we'll let her out for good in a couple of months, or when she's too big for her cage

Hanging out with Musang

What is not captured in this pic is what happened a second later - Puteh jumped on Musang's tail. Puteh has always been fascinated (jealousy??) with Musang's tail from day 1 hehhe.

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Blushwax said...

Oh wow! Musang has such a lush tail! Gorgeous!