Thursday, 4 September 2008

Puteh? Snow White? Baby Cat?

We thought the name was settled... but Asha had other thoughts - she calls Puteh - Puteh ; other time Snow White and at one point baby cat... well, whatever lah, as long as the kids happy (and Mr & Mrs G too hehe).

As promised, pictures are attached. Enjoy.

To Safarul, one pic specially for you - grass started to grow already hehehe

Introducing ... Puteh... wait no, Snow White...err no, Baby Cat

Muhammad loves Puteh - the old one and now the new Puteh

Puteh resting in her cage... wait till she's big enough or maybe after Hari Raya, then we'll let her out

Musang sulking - nobody loves me boohoohoo... Musang, we still love you. 

Musang distancing herself from Puteh

Muhammad showing off his strength...
Cute little Puteh with her pinky nose

Afternoon rituals... playing with the kids, also to exercise her limbs after being in the cage since morning

Dedicated to my bro-in-law hehehe grass finally grew


Shopaholic Mama said...

Obviously si Musang tu merajuklah. even cats have feelings eh!

Gembo said...

Musang seems to be accepting "Snow White" dah (Asha stressed to Mrs G this morning - Snow White, no Puteh)...

This morning whilst cleaning Puteh's cage, she played with Musang's tail and last nite even tried to suckle Musang for milk hehehe