Saturday, 13 September 2008

Tale of 3 daughters . . . oh no, its 2.

Grandpa Gembo returned from Surabaya last Tuesday and bought Princess and Asha talkungs, a 2 piece clothing covering the body (leaving just the face) to be worn for prayers.

Mrs G took these shots, and I didn't realise the "third" daughter . . .  heheheh apparently it was Momat fooling around. Oh btw, Momat haven't missed a day of fasting - good for him.

This is Asha

Princess & Asha

Now, who is this . . . at first I thought it was Princess but way too tall... only when he said something that I realised it was Momat

Asha fooling around

Asha again trying to figure out how to get her hands out

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eLs.65 said...

Hahahaha momat girl heheheh lawa juaa... ok i grabbed some of their pixxies - tq =)