Thursday, 11 November 2010

$30 is not equal to $1.44!

Bismillaa Hirrahmaa Nirrahiim

Raise your your hands if you are an accountant. Good. Now, I need your help.

You see, I am not an accountant, but my job requires me to charge others on a monthly basis for the services that they have received from us. That's fine with me, especially as I have a colleague to do the accounting - I like!

This fellow knows his stuff that he wouldn't have problem reconciling the account every month end, even though I made those charges heheh..... Until one day.... he had to be transferred temporarily to manage other section. 

As a result, I have to do the monthly account reconciliation but thank goodness he was there if I need guidance.

Months had passed and all seems to be ok, referring to the handover notes everytime of course, with possibly a few more grey hairs every time the accounts have successfully been reconciled!

But today, I have spent $30 to find $1.44!

Well, I knew where the $1.44 came from but I spent $30 of my precious time to look for where should go... Oh, $30 is pro-rata of my pay... don't do the maths lah, my salary is just enough to live from hand to mouth :o

What I understand about economics is simple - you spend less to get more, correct? Well, at least that is the general idea where I work (Oil & Gas), no point building a $10M facility to extract $1M of gas! Correct?

So, it is not economical to spend $30 to look for $1.44, right?

Wrong! Accounting as I was told is somewhat different - the accounts have to be reconciled, debit/credit balanced, etc etc at any cost! But having spent well over an hour today looking for the hole to put the $1.44, I had to draw a line and stop the madness. I just couldn't do it any more and will have to concentrate on other 20 items on my to do list. I will need to get the expert forensic eyes of my colleague to look for that hole (FM, I hope you're reading this heheh - don't go on leave yet!)

On the way home for lunch following that futile attempts, my thoughts were with my other colleagues who had to do all these things,the balancing or reconciling thingy, but having said that, they are probably well equipped with proper trainings, bionic eyes, extra brain cells (and lots of patience) than I do.

Oh well..... $1.44.... please come to papa.... please!

Mr G

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