Sunday, 14 November 2010

Reached out... beyond borders


I once wrote about blogging to reach out? Well, my Gembo house blog had found me friends in Brunei (mainly friends at work) and beyond borders...

Will not write much about it, but as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, well here are a few thousands and some....

The Voguers from Singapore...
 From left: Little Ms F, Little Aqil, Shoppermama, Mr G, Kak Pah, Nadh, Raf, Mrs G, Kak Moralle and Ms Pearl. Mrs knew about them from bloghopping Shoppermama's shopping tips and collections, and Nadh's witty posts and the Voguers spirit of togetherness in good and in sadness

The Kecik Family, Malaysian currently working in Brunei
Out of pure coincidence, the 'Not the kecik's dad' worked with my first cousins. How did we find out you asked? OK, look at the white mugs in front of them (pic above), those were extra door gifts to our wedding guests 10 years ago, and before the Keciks even knew about us, they have got a few from their employer (my cousins) to help with them settling down when they first arrived.... so when we served them hot drinks for Sungkai (Iftar) last year, they suddenly said, "Hey, we have some of this at home..." and then that's when the 'jejak kasih' unfolded heheh.... ok here's a closer shot of the mugs...

The mugs... (heheh Mug shots??)
 The one with blue prints were given to my guests (we have separate receptions, prior to the bersanding), and the red prints were given away to my wife's guests

Red Mummy
Redmummy is a professional blogger, she had helped us in our recent travels, mainly to KL and our recent honeymoon to Paris/UK. 


Shopaholic Mama said...

This is a very interesting post!

The memories of chilli crab!

Gembo said...

oh yes, chilli crab and then 'sardines' in lexus hahahah

-not the kecik's mommy- said...

Yeah.. the best 'sungkai' ever .. besides sungkai at rizqun, empire etc lah.
(First time when you sms us "where do u have ur sungkai" we don't know what sungkai means..haha)

I can't remember you did take pics.. but the pose by kecik was outdated already.

The mug story..what a small world. Really nice to meet the G family. c:

p/s: i thought the 'other-than-the kecik' image will be blurred. haha..

the kecik said...

Kenapa I nampak macam nak punch someone? Haaha.

Mr G, can I kidnap this photo? Can?

When my husband look at this photo, he came home and said..

: Alamak. Kantoi ah. Mr G letak gambar orang kat blog dia.

: Kantoi kenapa?

: Kantoilah orang handsome.


Btw, we're enjoying your hospitality. Itu kek memang sedap. And tumpang kasi the kecik mandi. Thank youu!

Gembo said...

A'aa lah kecik, macam nak kasi elbow kat Kecik-Dad

Anyway, u're welcome to take the pic... I also got pic from Kak Ummi'a place... do let me know if really kantoi'ed ... I can take the photo down, but I hope ok to leave here lah kan.... so ppl can imagine how kecik will look like if he grows up nanti heheh

the kecik said...

Thanks ye.

No lah. It's okay. Boleh sangkut sini. No hal punya. Kantoi sebab handsome. Ces. Haha

UmmiRosma said...

The mugs have very high sentimental value...lovely gifts.

Gembo said...

Thanks Rosma.