Thursday, 11 November 2010

Ciggies? Or Rice? .... Your choice!

Bismillaa Hirrahmaa Nirrahiim

Brunei has recently seen a tax hike on cigarettes from 1st November this year, to B$0.25 per stick - so what used to cost $3.10 a pack is now $7.60, and some are $8.50.

According to the Brunei Times the amendments were implemented in the interests of the health and well-being of the people, especially in helping to reduce the risk of chronic diseases related to smoking.

Interestingly, a colleague of mine overheard this conversation at a minimart recently, which just shows how effective the changes have been to peoples mindset:

 Mr A: Berapa harga sigup Pirellys? (How much is a pack of Pirellys?)

Shopkeeper: $8.50

Mr A: Adih, mahalnya (Gosh! That's expensive)

Mr B (A Filipino bystander): Tidak guna bali lah boss, harga beras siam tu (You don't have to buy that Mr, that's as much as a pack of Siam Rice)

At the end, Mr A left without buying the cigarette.

You see, a pack of Siam Rice (10kg) can feed a family of 6 for more than 2 weeks, and that at 2 meals a day!

Questions now have to be asked, is it a necessity? Does it bring benefits? Thanks goodness I stopped ages ago :)

Mr G


-not the kecik's mommy- said...

Haha.. Brunei gov use very effective and efficient 'No Smoking' campaign .

No need all posters, advertisement, etc.. (unlike in Malaysia.. isk.. luckily I'm not paying tax there c: ); just increaseeeeed the tax and voila! Rather than before is one pack of 20's per day, now my smoker friend finished it in 3 days. It's 65% less!

Plus.. more income for the Country. Clever.. haha.

Gembo said...

Not the kecik mommy
Betul betul..i thought it was high time lah increase the rate, to scare of kids from taking up smoking, and like you said more income for country - which I would think, will be put to pay those expensive treatments for lung cancer etc. after all medical is free in Brunei but govt still have to pay doctors nurses etc

btw, how have you been? lama tak jumpa - last was at Giant kan. You take care my friend, insyaAllah kita jumpa lagi.

Wassalam G