Sunday, 28 November 2010

Kalau babah jadi bintang...?

Assalamualaikum friends

This past week has been a tiring one, all in all I was only at my desk not more than one full day, attending meetings and all that, preparing for our 2011 insurance renewals.

Lots of things over the past few weeks, mostly work but a few family ventures...

Exams! and the results.
Alhamdulillah, the Gembo kids passed with good results. Aaeeshah got 8 A's and 1 B... heheh, but in Kindergarten anyone could get A's, but Alhamdulillah, her teacher said Aaeeshah can read slowly, which is good preparation for her Upper Kindergarten next year.

Muhammad improved on his mid year's exam, his average increased from 89% to 91%, and up from 6th to 5th. He was quite said that he didn't get the top three (so no Wii (1st), no iPod touch (2nd), no Nitendo DS (3rd)).

Iman. Whenever we asked her to do revision, she said OK. When we asked her teacher before the exam, she said Iman is the least of her worries. When the result was out, she end up no2 and her average was only 0.03% lower than no 1. She definitely will get her iPod, sadly it ran out of stock when we were in Bandar yesterday. 

3D Movies!!
Last weekend we tried out the 1st 3D cinema in Brunei at the Mall. The kids were restless as they had nothing to do at home, now that the exam has finished and nobody bothered to turn up at school. So we brought the kids to watch the Megamind 3D movie... It was a strange superhero movie, but don't get me wrong - the storyline was great but the 3D effects made it even much better. It's just that the villain end up as the superhero when the real superhero just called it quits! I also didn't realise it was Brad Pitt in the movie too, of course as the superhero and Will Ferrell is hilarious as a villain - I don't think Jim Carrey can pull it off with the same effect.

Meanwhile, yesterday we watched Rapunzel: The Tangled Tale 3D movie... it was a great movie, typical of Disney cartoons with little animal characters and of course, songs. Kids love them, and we did too. The 3D effects are real real nice... I'd recommend you to watch it. Five stars from me!

It's no secret that I'm a fan of Man Utd...  There was a game last night against Blackburn Rovers. We arrived home from the family outing, at 11.15 and I went straight to watch the live game on telly, as well as the usual banter on FB. It was already 2-0 by the time I watched the game, and watched all the remaining 5 goals, oooh by the way, we won 7-1 last nite :-). It was a great result considering Blackburn have always been a resilient opponent to Man Utd for many years... and oh, we're now on top of the Premier League.

Kalau Babah jadi bintang
This morning after breakfast, as Aaeeshah was watching her Spongebob tv show, I asked her a few silly questions heheh... here goes.

Me: Asha, kalau babah jadi aeroplane, Asha mau jadi apa? (If daddy becomes an aeroplane, what would you be?)
Asha: Aeroplane, pasal Asha mau terabang sama babah (Aeroplane, so I can fly with you)
Me: Oooh, sweet... kalau babah jadi bulan? (If daddy becomes the moon?....)
Asha: Asha jadi bulan jua (I'll be a moon too)
Me: Mana buleh, pasal bulan satu saja (That cannot be, cos there is only one moon)
Asha: Buleh, pasal Babah bulan basar, Asha yang kacil (Caaaaan.. cos daddy becomes the full moon, and Asha can be the small one - shaping her hands like a crescent)
Me: Ok lah, kalau Babah jadi bintang? (OK, OK, if daddy becomes a star?)
Asha: Asha jadi 'love' (Asha can be a heart - shaping her hands like a heart)
Me: Kenapa jadi 'love'? (Why be a heart?)
Asha: Pasal, Mama sayang sama Asha (So, mummy loves Asha)

Asha, Babah and Mama loves you so much. You too Iman and Abang, we love you both so much. Well done on the exams!

Mr G

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We also do some silly-but-logic interviews with the kids. Their answers are mostly hilariously innocent...and most of them are logical too..!