Saturday, 20 November 2010

Words of wisdom to my dear son Muhammad


This morning, after his morning shower getting ready for school, Muhammad came sitting close to me while I was fiddling with my Mac.

I praised him for a job well done with his Ugama school (Religious school) for 2010, despite not being in top 3 (he finished 4th), his average was quite high at 95%. He was disappointed still of not being no 3, as he's got a prize for that last year.

He said "Dimana Muhammad buat salah Bah ah" (Where did I go wrong, Dad?), so I just said "OK sudah Muhammad tu, jangan tah ingau banar" (You've done well son, don't worry). The thing about Muhammad is, he is very competitive.

To cheer him up, I said he's been such a good boy all along, and I advised him only three things, which I said will help him succeed:

  1. Don't forget the 5 times a day prayers - I told him if he do this, Allah will love him, protect him and keep him on the righteous path
  2. Study well - He will have the knowledge to succeed, if he studies well
  3. Be respectful to others - He will be respected, and the Angels will pray for him
This may not be a complete advise, and I am sure most of you would have better advises, but it sure brought the smile to his face - very much like this - as if he's got his candy after a long day of fasting.

Muhammad at 3, at the Empire Hotel. Not schooling yet, and notice the hair, never cut since he was shaved during Aqiqah at a week old

I love you Muhammad. You did well son.... now, we'll see the Primary school results :o

Mr G


Gembo said...

muhammad dpt nombor lima yayyy (i have got number five yayyyyyyyyyyyy)


-not the kecik's mommy- said...

Haha.. congrats to Muhammad.
(sorry for late wish)

He's very nice boy and a good 'abang'.
(the kecik's favourite question is "mana abang?")

Hope the kecik will be a good boy and abang like Muhammad.
(this statement quite be a good 'abang' must have an 'adik' first c:)

Gembo said...

When the kecik says 'mana abang?', was he referring to Muhammad?

InsyaAllah the kecik will grow up to be a good boy, and ABANG ekhem... dah ada ke? all the best!