Tuesday, 9 November 2010

*Dusting* the blog....

Bismilla Hirrahmaa Nirrahim

Been quiet for a long while - last post I did was on Iman's birthday, and I have not written anything about the Gembo Hari Raya (including our Hari Raya to Kuching)... Not even any entry on our honeymoon trip to UK/Paris...

Could it be the my passion for photography and blogging has dwindled? I don't know, I am somehow too drained when I reach home from work.

Life has been very busy lately, very trying I have to say since the last few months.

Work has been great, enjoyed it enormously, although now stretched when my colleague (my right hand man) had to be moved temporarily to another section since July until end of this month... Look forward to have him back in my team for the busy December period! And Alhamdulillah I will switch to a new role by March 2011... watch this space.

Alhamdulillah, my wife and I have reached the 10 year wedding anniversary in August and InsyaAllah looking forward to more milestones, Amin.

Kids have been well, now in their exam week, but Aaeeshah had been unwell since the last two weeks. She was admitted to hospital couple of weeks back with high fever, and just this morning was diagnosed with mild food poisoning - yes, mild but she vomitted at midnight and at 4 in the morning that I am now suffering from the lack of sleep. Alhamdulillah however that I can bring her home and no overnight stay at the hospital although she will miss two days of her kindergarten exams :(

Aaeeshah at the Ward playground. Note the drip at her right hand

Will this entry spur me to start blogging again? I dunno, but I do hope so. My cameras are nicely kept in the cabinet, batteries charged and memory cards cleared but we'll see. Now.... that took me 25 minutes to write.... we'll see about it.

Mr G

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