Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Assalamu 'Alaikum

Have you ever encountered real life Jekyll n Hyde?  I have... many times but today I've decided to put it down to paper... err blog. 

Today, after a long day at the office, I called up a local hotel to book a room for the weekend, to wind down with the kids after my short trip last week, and my long hours in the office this week.  That's when a Mr (or rather Ms) Hyde was at the other end of the line.

Ms Hyde spoke quickly, so quick that I couldn't catch what she was saying, not due to the fact that I have slight deafness from childhood indulgence in the walkman but rather to her unfortunate failure at trying a slang that was a marriage between American-Filipino-British tongue. Alas, I managed to get a room booked. That's all that matters for me!

Ok, 11 months ago, I got a call from the same hotel, from a Dr Jekyll. Possibly a mutated Dr Jekyll as she also speak in that unfortunate slang.  Dr Jekyll offered me to join the hotel membership club. 
The lure of discounted meals, free nights and lunches attracted me, so I signed up.

What disappoints me though, is the continuing attitude of such people, nice when they need you but unwelcoming when we call them up to book a room, especially when they realised we are going to use the free vouchers.  We've paid, didn't we?  not that we are begging.  Mind you, not all of them are bad, I've met good ones but they are getting more difficult to come across now.  Rare species them.

Anyway, at this point, 1.30 in the morning and having just finished amending a 20 page slide for an afternoon session tomorrow (or rather, later), I've run out of juice trying to think what to write more.  It annoyed me so bad I just have to let it out.  

Oh well, good night all. Or good morning. Sleep tight.

Mr G

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Can't wait for the weekend.. C u n our darlings soon!!