Thursday, 7 July 2011

Good read my lord!

Assalamu 'Alaikum

Everyone loves reading.  At least that is what I know in my family.  Like I've blogged before I grew up with my grandma, and before she sleeps every night she would read her kitab ugama (religious books) or the malay newspaper.  My late mom would have stakes of magazines.  My Abang loves to read as well, the same favourite author as mine even.

My wife loves reading too, again the same favourite author as mine and now Muhammad loves reading too (Wimpy Kids.. David Copperfield), Iman (Wimpy Kids & Enid Blytons) and Asha, feedback from the teacher is there is no problem with her reading, so there.

Yesterday, I received two packages that arrived in the same day, one from acmamall and the other from Amazon UK.  The thing is, the latest Jeffrey Archer (oh did I say my favourite author is Lord Archer?) arrived in June and I fought with the missus to read the book :-)... not literally fight of course.  Once we finished that book, we got withdrawal - reading is like a drug you know!  So we wanted to read Lord Archer's other books, I knew I had these books before but must have lost them when I moved around in the last 20 years.  So I got these new 'old' ones... they're good read and thriller, and I highly recommend Kane and Abel, it is the best!

Mr G


*ayu the sun* said...

thanks for the suggestion. will grab one soonest. i'm out of reading material as well.

Gembo said...

Thanks fro dropping by.

No worries. If you are to read the Kane and Abel series, follow the sequence: Kane and Abel, Prodigal Daughter and Shall we tell the president. Tried Dean Koontz but he's no Archer - not thrilling, probably Dean is not British heheh