Friday, 8 July 2011

Kaseh Ibu... Rindu Babu

Assalamu 'Alaikum

8th July 2004.  My beloved mom Hajah Millie Haji Mohd Noor left us forever.  Allah has given me the pleasure of 30 years being with my mom.  Affectionately called Babu in the household, she passed quietly in her sleep.  I accepted the Will of Allah, much as I love to have Babu to look after my children the way Mama, my dear grandma, did as I grew up, I couldn't bear to see Babu suffering from her illness.

37 years ago. Safe and Secure in my Babu's loving hold

Growing up with my grandparents, my brother and I only see Babu during the weekends.  Life was not difficult then but jobs were generally available in the capital, 2 hours drive from our kampong.  So Babu and my dad, striving to ensure our lives are well and equipped had to be away from us for 5 days every week.

Lovingly bathing me. Me not-so-loving the water

The other night, listening to the song I Want To Hold Your Hand by Kurt (Glee), I cried and cried and recalled memories with Babu.  I just want to hold her hand that night, as I always did when I visited her at hospital.  Babu was a tough disciplinarian and a perfectionist, I guess as she was an only child, and I attribute where I am now partly a result of that.  Despite all that, Babu had always been there for me, in pain, in glory, in sadness and in happiness.

Look at that proud face holding Muhammad :-)

I've been unlucky a few times on the road, once a victim of careless driver and later due to false assumption of the tyre condition.  Both were more than half hour drive from our family home.  Despite her condition, breathlessness and having to bring her oxygen tank around, she insisted for my brother to drive her to be with me. My two brothers were also unlucky on the road then, and even in the middle of the night, the motherly instinct brought her to the scenes.  She rarely said the I love yous but her actions showed that.

Babu a proud granny, again, here holding Iman

The last few memories were of Babu frequenting the ICU's for her condition, most of the time due to excess fluid in her lungs.  There was one occasion, a doctor saw my wife and I, Babu told him that I was her son and my wife is her daughter in law.  The doctor asked her if she had any grandchildren, she proudly said in her perfect English, "I do, I have a grandson and a granddaughter".

This was her last Hari Raya in 2003 with  Muhammad and Iman. Look at the twinkle in her eyes.

I miss Babu.  Muhammd was fortunate enough to be around Babu when he grew up.  He was three then.  At times he would say that he missed Babu and we would drive down the road, and prayed at her grave.

Al-Fatihah to Babu, O Allah Almighty, please bless my mother for all her sacrifices and her love for us, please grant my mother a beautiful place in paradise. Amin.





the kecik said...


Al-fatihah to your dearest mother. Babu Mr G dah besarkan anak-anak dia dgn cukup baik sekali. Moga arwah sentiasa tenang disana. Proud babu and grandmom indeed

❥--Leejsterz.65--✿ said...

Al-fatihah. Love the picture of you and babu. In fact, love all the pictures you posted. Huggs abang... - Leeja.