Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Just a thought..

Assalamu 'Alaikum

First and foremost, this is the first blogpost I've ever made from my year old iPad... Exactly a year old today - Got it during my 10th year anniversary honeymoon at Leeds UK, on July 5th 2010.

About my thought.....just to let it out, I spent wasted a good 10 minutes last Friday afternoon listening to a graduate complaining and refusing to do something that the grad is qualified to do, just because some of the others aren't qualified. The grad felt it is unfair that he/she ended doing a bigger share of the task.

I was at lost at this kind of behaviour.... I mean, why miss such good opportunity to shine & sell yourself? Instead of trying to get extra brownie points, the grad ended up painting a bad picture which possibly will be etched in not just my mind but the other leaders.

I enjoyed coaching others, much like Ed did to me, and I had coached a few grads in Finance where I'd been before... But in this case, I tried to talk some sense into the grad but there was no chance, the grad kept on repeating the words 'unfair' like it's the only line rehearsed before that call. On a Friday afternoon, that's the last thing you want to waste your time on, so I gave up.

My words of advise, sell yourself. Try your best and don't you ever shoot yourself in the foot. Take every opportunity that comes your way. Me? I am still working on it, trying my best... Heck, i've just completed 3 months in my new job and enjoying every minute of it. Please pray for my success. Thanks.

Wassalam, G


the kecik said...

Happy anniversary Mr and Mrs G!

Moga sentiasa bahagia dan dimurahkan rezeki dan diberkati selalu. You guys such a cute couple! Sungguh!

Gembo said...

Thanks Kecik... that was last year's... InsyaAllah in 7 weeks we will celebrate 11th years anniversary. Amin.

Cute.... Alhamdulillah. Semuanya dari Allah :-)

Awang G heheh

PattyLicious said...

Hi ngian! :) Goos post by the way! tee hee!

Gembo said...

Hi Pat

There is only 1 Pat I knew and forever there is only gonna be one Pat hehehe... thanks for dropping by Pat

sayang oh this grad... the roads are paved for her but she chose to drive a stupid car. for maybe another 35 years some more... aiyoooo

btw, hope u r well, look at the bright side, clearer route upward :-)

Salam... G