Thursday, 21 July 2011

It is safe... or is it?

Assalamu 'Alaikum

I got the following sets of photos in the email a week ago.

These are interesting photos actually, improvisation of tools or equipment, or shortcuts to do work.  After all, you get to finish the work quickly.  Had the workers gone through the hassles of getting proper scaffolding or longer ladders, it'll take more time or even cost them more and it'll mean lower profits, right?  Well, it depends, purely on luck I supposed.  One wrong move or slip, you're gone. Look at the pictures.  What do you think?

Balancing the ladder on the edge of the floor

Oh yes, the walk plug socket is meant to support the ladder

Who needs scaffolding when you have a plank

I don't know what this fella is doing, but I am pretty sure the air-cond brackets is meant to support the compressor, not an idiot 

Once he's done fixing the rear axle, he should think of fixing his brain.  He need to tune his perception of risks!

They will enjoy cold food & drinks once the fridge is installed. They can also freeze their brains!

Another one balancing his ladder, this time on a narrow edge

This photo gave me the creeps.  How many floors are there again?

Resting in peace...let's hope they will not Rest In Peace!

Whatever you do my friends, please do the right thing.  If an activity is not safe, or if you are unsure if it is safe, do the right thing and don't continue the activity.  Think of your loved ones.

Be safe.  Wassalam.

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